Male Sexual Dysfunction

Male Sexual Dysfunction

Sexual Dysfunction refers to a problem during any phase of the sexual response that prevents . The man from experiencing satisfaction from the activity.This problem is encountered in one third of the men .Fortunatly most cases are treatable

Causes Of Male Sexual Dysfunction

Can Be broadly differentiated into Physical & Psychological Causes The Physical Causes Include diabetes , heart & vascular disease, neurological disease , hormonal imbalances or way be caused due to kidney or liver failure.

The psychological causes Include anxiety ,stress,relationship issues , depression or guilt or sometimes due to past sexual trauma. Sexual dysfanction can be clarified as

  • a. Erectile dysfunction

  • b. Ejaculatory disorder

  • c. Decreased sexual desire

A) Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is defined as inability to maintain an erection suitable for intercourse. Causes of erectile dysfunction include diseases of blood vessels , stress, tension , performance anxiety etc.

B) Ejaculatory dysfunction

Ejaculatory disorder mean disorders relating to Ejaculation which include cases of anejaculation & retrograde ejaculation (when semen is forced back to bladder ) rather then outside via the end of penis.

C) Decreased or inhibitted sexual

Decreased or inhibitted sexual. desire:- may be due to decreased hormonel levels of testosterone , or due to high blood pressure or due to diabetes

The diagnosis of these problems starts with a good history taking from the patient, a through physical examination & a hormonal array & relating to the cause of problems & sometimes doppler, (blood flow) studies in males. Treatment options include medical management i.e. treatment of any physical problem contributing to makes sexual problem. Certain medicines like viagra, cialin help by improving blood supply in the penis. Sometimes Hormonal therepy is helpful in males & lower levels of testosterone. Psychological therepy with a councellor can help a person to overcome a patient in his anxiety related problems.

Lastly newer treatments like vacuum devices, penile implants also help a man with Errectile dysfunction. - A few life style changes like daily exercise, quitting smoking, avoid alcohol can go long way in overcoming sexual dysfunction