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About Dr. RamaSofat Hospital

Welcome to Dr. RAMA SOFAT HOSPITAL and RUCHI TEST TUBE BABY CENTRE where our motto is "Commitment For Excellence".

This state of the art hospital is one of the most prestigious hospital of North India providing world class services for the past 45 years. It is situated in Ludhiana (Punjab) on the College Road near Fountain Chowk in the heart of the city very close to railway station and bus stand.
The hospital has a state of the art building offering hi-tech facilities for infertility, laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, advanced gynae cancer surgeries, maternity including high risk pregnancy management services etc.
The hospital offers a spacious lobby set in an aesthetic ambience. We offer a number of super deluxe rooms with all modern facilities at their best. It is manned by highly qualified doctors and paramedical and nursing staff.

Endoscopy unit -

Dr. RAMA SOFAT HOSPITAL is one of the Punjab's foremost Centre dedicated to minimal access surgery(MAS) procedure, a highly advanced alternative to the conventional 'open' surgery(other term for minimally invasive surgery are Keyhole surgery or pinhole surgery). The conventional surgical method consist or three main stages: cutting the patient open, removing or repairing an organ or tissue and closing the patient up again. In minimally invasive surgery, the effect of the first and last of these is decreased as far as possible, either by gaining access to the body through natural orifices or by operating through very small holes(typical 5-15mm across) cut into the body. The evolution of fiber optic light source, miniature video cameras and specially designed (example: cutting, grasping, stapling) tool has allowed increasingly complex surgeries to be performed, with the surgeon being guided by high resolution magnified video images.The hospital is equipped with state of the art operation theaters comparable with the best in the world and fitted with modern equipments and latest instruments.

If you are visiting our hospital for the first time, you must visit the hospital within the designated time and you must bring along.
  • A record of your previous sickness and medical treatment from previous physicians.
  • Recent x-ray or scans with the reports.
  • List of drugs you are talking or have recently taken with dosage of each medicine

After deciding to get operated, you will be analyzed and once you are fir to undergo endoscopic surgery, you will be admitted on the day of surgery or one the prior, depending upon the surgery. The patient must strictly follow the instruction about his diet plans before getting admitted to the hospital.

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We believe that having babies is one of the most exciting experience ones in life. We are focused on providing support to infertile couples navigating the intricate path of infertility. The main goal of Ruchi test tube baby Centre is to provide affordable infertility / IVF treatment services to the patient under the guidance of our experienced doctors and well qualified staff according to their individual needs. We as infertility specialists very well apprehend the emotional aspect of the patient and offer best possible treatment with ethical and detailed research based approach.
We specialize in the area of intrauterine insemination (IUI), IVF (test tube baby), ICSI, egg donation, embryo adoption, egg freezing, surrogacy beside male infertility treatment and semen banking. The Centre boosts of a state of the art IVF/ICSI lab according to ICMR specifications with all the latest machinery as is required to maintain such high success rates as is comparable with the best in the world.
If you have not had a consultation with the doctors at Ruchi test tube baby Centre, we welcome you to schedule yours soon and experience the difference in the standard of care. We are confident that it will be apparent from your first contact with any of our fertility doctors.

  • Message from Dr. Rama Sofat

    Dr. Rama Sofat Hospital and Ruchi Test tube Baby Centre is a super specialty woman hospital .The motto of this hospital is "Commitment For Excellence". This motto is upheld in spirit and in ethics and is practiced by each and every member while delivering world class health care facilities at very economical charges.
    The Hospital also enjoys a very good reputation in terms of providing latest treatments to patients with complex medical disorders.